Why Own

Why Own Your Office Space?

Just like a home, owning an office condominium is a real estate investment.  There are many advantages of owning real estate in addition to the tax benefits.  You can sell or lease your investment.  And, you can make changes to fit your design and structural needs.  You are also protected from inevitable lease increases vs. a loan payment that can be fixed.

Owning your office space offers a tremendous value when compared to leasing dollars spent over time, not to mention the prestige and stability that owning your office space communicates to clients.

SHB Development offers flexible and efficiently designed offices that are perfect for accountants, tax and financial services, attorneys, non-profit organizations, medical and research services, medical professionals and physicians, real estate professionals or anyone currently working from home who wants to establish equity and grow their business. These offices are also ideal for companies looking for satellite office space or extensions for larger businesses that have outgrown their current space.

Any small business looking to invest in a permanent office solution and avoid the unexpected and rising costs of leasing will enjoy the tax and equity benefits of office condominium ownership.

Tax Advantages

Mortgage interest, real estate taxes, depreciation and property improvements can provide significant tax benefits for business owners who own real estate assets. Office condominiums provide the perfect avenue for ownership without a large upfront investment.

Community Association

By owning an office within a professionally planned office community, you have the advantages of sharing the cost of the maintenance and repairs. While each individual owner is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance within their own unit, a Community Association maintains the exterior of all the buildings and the common grounds. Read more about the community association.

Retirement Planning

Many small business owners find it difficult to make regular contributions to their retirement. As an office condominium owner, each payment you make goes toward equity in the property, in addition to any appreciation. Upon retirement, you’ll have a valuable asset to sell or lease.

Asset Accumulation

When you are ready to sell your business or have your business’ value evaluated, a business with real estate included provides and added benefit to prospective buyers. A physical asset can provide added value in negotiations, especially for service-based, professional businesses.

Lease Now Buy Later

If you are not quite ready to buy, SHB Development has held a few select units in each community for lease.   Find out more about an SHB Development lease program here.