Our Process

We want to make it simple for you to own and create an office you and your clients will enjoy for years.  

So, we have streamlined the buying and design process — saving you valuable time and money.

  1. CHOOSE YOUR SPACE: Select the office of your dreams from our available units. Choose one, two or multiple units and combine them to create the right amount space for growth and a comfortable work environment.
  2. DEPOSIT: Get started with a deposit of 10 percent of the selling price.
  3. SELECTIONS: Chose from our pre-selected combinations of flooring, granite, carpet and cabinetry or personalize your office with your own selections. Choose any storage and door upgrades you may need and anything else to make your office more efficient and comfortable.
  4. PRE-CONSTRUCTION REVIEW: Once we have started your building, you will be invited to a pre-construction meeting to review your selections and be sure everything is in place before begin construction.
  5. FINAL WALK: Approximately one week prior to closing, we’ll walk you through you new office investment, and mark any changes or final touch ups that might be needed. This will be followed by a “delivery walk” before close of escrow.
  6. CLOSE: Sale is funded and closing documents are signed.
  7. KEY EXCHANGE: We turn over the keys to a beautiful, new office you now own.